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Painless treatment procedures : Asok's Cosmeto-Dental Solutions, offers painless dental treatment, which is especially suitable for people who have fear or anxiety visiting a dentist. Such fear or anxiety could arise from unpleasant dental experiences in the past, pain and needles, sound of the drill, feeling of gagging or choking, taste of dental materials, difficulty in being "numbed up" for dental procedures, difficulty keeping still for dental procedures and nervousness and tension with regard to undergoing any procedure.

Painless dental treatment :

Is achieved through sedation, which helps a patient go to sleep during the dental session. Sedation is different to a general anaesthetic. With sedation, the patient breathes on his / her own without the need for any gases or machines. Hence, it is safer and more cost effective than a general anesthetic. Most patients say that it makes a two-hour procedure feel like only five minutes. They are often unable to recollect any of the noises or sensations associated with dental treatment and mostly feel like they have had a long restful nap. Sedation for the dental treatment will be administered by a dental anaesthesiologist who will continue to monitor your physiological parameters. After the scheduled treatment plan is completed for the session, you will be allowed to rest under observation for about half an hour after which you will be able to go home.

Friendly Atmosphere :

We understand the importance of choosing a dental office where you feel welcome, comfortable, and safe. We want our patients to feel that they are getting the best possible dental care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We are here to serve them and help them realize they are making the best investment possible. When visiting Asok's Cosmeto-Dental Solutions, you'll always receive family-friendly, affordable dental assistance and a range of care options. If you have a persistent toothache, chipped or broken tooth or any other immediate dental issue, you can rely on us for fast relief when it's needed the most. We are proud to serve entire families to meet their dentistry needs. We're a dental team that takes the time to understand our patient's concerns, and we treat each person with respect and kindness. Whether you need a preventative teeth cleaning or a cosmetic restoration such as crowns or bridges, our goal is to exceed your dental expectations.

International Standards of sterilization :

Effecting very strict hygiene policies, an infection control system is placed to ensure stringent health and safety requirements. Our dental instruments are precise which require regular maintenance and check up. All our dental equipment and instruments are maintained and sterilized according to international standards. Individually packed sterilization pouches and sterilization indicators are used for sterilization. All heat sterilizations are done by autoclave at 121oC as per international norms. Potable water used in the cleaning dental equipments, mouth cleaning and is tested regularly for purity. Disposable consumables like syringes, needles, gloves, drapers etc are incinerated within our premises. Well-experienced and well-trained staffs that have been with us for a while are always at hand to assist you.

Digital X-ray :

Digital x-ray system maximizes the diagnostic value of all intraoral radiography techniques and produces exceptionally clear images with outstanding sharpness and maximum detail. This system senses the onset of the x-ray exposure and automatically acquires and downloads the image data to a computer for the purposes of real-time display and review. The clarity, contrast, resolution is far superior to the regular film. This improves the quality of work and reduces the radiation exposure required. The images are got immediately and calibration or measurements can be done using the software along with it. The images can also be archived or mailed easily.

Intra-oral camera :

Seeing is believing ,this facility allows the patient to see his dental problem. A small pen shaped camera is moved around the inside of your mouth so you can see your teeth enlarged on our computer screen in the treatment room. This painless, technique allows you to see your dental problems such as defective fillings, fractured teeth, decay, bleeding gums and restoring your mouth to optimal health. The patient is informed and involved right from the diagnosis and can actually see the intraoral image of the finished treatment.

Imported materials used for all procedures :

The best dental equipments of internationally acclaimed companies are handpicked by the management to optimize time and serve the clients in the best possible way. All the equipments are regularly updated and upgraded. Using the latest innovations and technologies of dentistry, aided with ultra modern equipments and state-of-the-art dental chairs our clinic shows that we value results by exceeding the expectations of the people we serve, as well as the expectations we set for ourselves.

Interiors and lightings by European standards for a pleasant ambience :

The lounge follows an international model of design devoid of cluttering. The arrangement favors dental education and entertainments while soft local music provides an oriental mood. The contemporary style alleviates any discomfit experienced while waiting. The ambience is enhanced by a fully air-conditioned and comfortable interior space. The entire interior including the wall and flooring are designed using internationally approved surface finishes to prevent cross infections and low permeability standards. A glass and steel utility box, sensor operated wash areas etc are utilized to avoid cross contamination while washing, gluing etc.

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